Policy Advocacy


  • Organized the business sector to be a major player in the formulation of many national economic issues.
  • Initiated the debate on the need for “A Long‐Term Vision or Botswana”.
  • Establishment and institutionalization of the HLCC in 1996 (Business Botswana called for the establishment of the HLCC from 1988)
  • Privatization Policy for Botswana (Business Botswana initiated the privatization debate)
  • Got Government to agree to the payment of a delayed payment penalty of 1.5% per month to the private sector.
  • Liberalization/abolition of Exchange Controls in Botswana.
  • Lowering of both the corporate and personal Tax from a high of 35% to a low of 15% for manufacturing and 25% as a general tax rate for Botswana.
  • Maintenance of a stable Industrial Relations regime through the training of employers and employees in Industrial Relations and maintaining a unique system of dialogue and mutual respect between Business Botswana and the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU).
  • Nationalized the debate on Citizen Economic Empowerment
  • Broke the communication barrier between the private sector and top Government Officials.
  • Raised the status for the role of the private sector in nation building.
  • Established the National Business Council (NBC)


As a result of BB’s advocacy, procedures for starting and operating a business continue to improve as follows:

  • Easy Business name registration

An online search system has been developed by Companies & Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) and allows the applicant to check names that have already been reserved. Therefore, the businessman does not have to waste time trying to register a business name that is already in use.

  • Simplification of Tax Payments  

An online system for submission of tax returns and payment is now in place, allowing business to focus on opportunities instead of compliance

  • PPADB  abolishes submission of  tax clearance certificates  

PPADB no longer requires bidders to submit tax clearance certificates. This is now a back office function for BURS and PPADB  

  • Employment of seasonal farm labour

The Government has simplified the procedures for the hiring of foreign agricultural workers during the harvest season.

  • Tender compliance and other certification requirements lifted

The government has lifted several tender compliance and other certification requirements across Ministries and departments to ease the environment for doing business in Botswana. 

  • One Stop Service Centre

A one stop shop offering immigration, power and water connections and licences are to investors has been established.