Market Intelligence Info System

Market Intteligence Information System


Under the framework of the Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS), Business Botswana (BB) with the initial support of the EU Delegation and now of the UNDP, are driving the implementation of the Private Sector Development Program (PSDP).

The Market Intelligence Information System (MIIS) and associated platforms, which is one of the key enablers of the PSDP, will assist in economic recovery by providing access to domestic and international markets/buyers. The key aim of this is to empower Private sector, entrepreneurs, SMMEs, Public sector to be part of the digital and knowledge revolution in an inclusive fashion.

 More specifically the objectives of the MIIS and associated platforms  are:

  1. Provide and promote access to accurate, comprehensive, timely and relevant information about the identified markets and how to access them for various sectors
  2. Enable buyers(government, parastatals, corporates, businesses, local and international individual buyers) to easily search and find information on local products, services and direct procurement to local businesses
  3. Promote doing business digitally, especially inclusive e-commerce(enabling both banked and unbanked)
  4. Promote connectivity and linkages with markets(domestic and international), between Botswana businesses and international buyers/businesses
  5. Promote networking, information dissemination and better collaboration between industry and support organisations (private, public and international)

The MIIS consists of a number of platforms and mobile tools, and will also connect to a number of other local platforms and applications, inclusive of local payment gateways, local switches and mobile money channels.

Botswana businesses especially SMMEs to take their business digital by being able to:

  • List their products or services in the e-directory and e-marketplace and generate business leads and sales
  • Market and sell their products through the marketplace and create virtual stores
  • Create greater reach and distribution for their products and services
  • Be able to accept online payments including mobile wallets
  • Promote social distancing, future ready skills and employment

Procuring entities will be able to

  • Have access to central supplier database including informal sector
  • Be able to do locality procurement and send out RFQs to business and get quick responses
  • Procure directly as they will have access to real-time information on products in stock and pricing and be able to compare
  • Reduce their procurement costs while promoting social distancing and participating in the digital knowledge economy

These entities will include Government, Councils, Hospitals, pharmacies, corporates, parastatals, chain stores etc

The MIIS will definitely position Botswana businesses to take advantage of SADC FTA, Africa FTA, as we move into the digital knowledge economy.