1. Make your voice heard- BB engages with Government through the HLCC forum on issues pertaining to ease of doing business. These issues involve, red tape, work and residents permits, late payments by Government, taxation etc. Through these discussions BB pursue objectives that serves business concerns and interests of its members directly for them to be fully integrated into economic and regional development policies.

2. Upskilling your employees- Because we anticipate our member’s needs and market trends we train our members’ employees to create value for business. BB has in demand business courses that are offered at a discounted rate for members. These courses cover areas of business operations combining both academic and entrepreneurial approach.

3. Industrial Relations and General Business Advices- BB as an employer’s organization, we make sure that our members are employers of choice by adhering to labour laws. We do this by providing advice on industrial relations such as procedures for handling industrial disputes, how to calculate severance benefits, paid and unpaid holidays calendar for easier planning and budgeting, conducting disciplinary hearings and other general advice regarding your business. As a surplus we simplify the Employment’s Act, put relevant sections to employers popularly known as Know your Labour Laws!

4. Expand your Network- Business Botswana opens international, regional and national doors of opportunities for its members. With the reach and influence of our networking activities, both inward and outward trade missions and sectorial meetings we give members great opportunity to benchmark, meet both existing and new customers/partners and to showcase your products. This exposure creates the condition that fosters member’s expansion.